Business Travel Journalism 2014
Business Travel Journalism Awards

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2018 Winners

Here are this year's BTJA award winners.


Outstanding Contribution to Business Travel & Meeting and Events Journalism

Mike Toynbee

One of his nominees said, ‘This person truly is a stalwart of business travel journalism and is a reason for many of the ideas, events and publications we have in the industry’.

Best Newcomer to Business Travel or Meetings & Events Journalism

Charlotte Flach

The judges felt that the winner's articles were: ‘topical, well written, well researched, well rounded and impactful and that one specific feature was a game changer that has brought the issue of sexual harassment to the fore in this industry’.

Responsible Business (CSR) Journalist of the Year

Amon Cohen

The judges said this year's winner: ‘...uses humour in a way that draws you in and gets the point across in a beautifully simple way.’

Supplement of the Year for Business Travel

Buying Business Travel - Corporate Cards and Payments 2018

The judges said the winning entry: ‘Ticked all the boxes and was a standout winner, successfully bringing a dry topic to life through a supplement that highlights innovation, technology and practical realities in a really interesting and relevant way.’

Supplement of the Year for Meetings and Events

Grass Roots Meetings Industry Report 2018

Of the winner, our judges said: ‘I can refer back to this report again and again - it's a university course, just brilliant, any aspect anyone could want to know about the industry is in there.’

Best use of Digital in Business Travel or Meetings and Events Journalism

Conference News - Mash TV

the judges called the winning entry: ‘Innovative and watchable’ and believe it is delivering solutions for its audience in a new, interesting and compelling way.

Features Journalist of the Year - Ground transportation

Gill Upton

The winning journalist, however, presented the panel with a feature, which: ‘Made sense of what is a very confusing subject and gave us interesting and valid personal, buyer and TMC opinions.’

Features Journalist of the Year - Technology

Nick Easen

The winning article was praised by one judge for: ‘Really sticking in my mind - I wanted to share this article with all of my colleagues. It offers a great balance between external benchmarking and business travel trends.’

Features Journalist of the Year - Air

Trevor Baker

Of the winning journalist, the judges said the article was: ‘...a brave and bold piece, one that a lot of people will relate to and feel the frustration. The amount of real investigative journalism invested in this piece makes it stand out - it's a real expose, well written, no fluff, amazing content.’

Features Journalist of the Year - Accommodation

David Churchill

The judges said our winner's article was: ‘Fascinating, different, interesting, well-written and thought-provoking. One of the big challenges for a journalist is how not to regurgitate content that's already been written about a sector-specific topic that's been around for a while. This article takes an old-fashioned concept and puts a new spin on it.’

Features Journalist of the Year - Destination

Jonny Ensall

The panel was united in agreement about the winner for this award, with one judge saying their article was: ‘...brilliantly written and visual, offering real insight into the destination and putting me right in the heart of the city - I could taste the pastries!’

Features Journalist of the Year - Industry Trends

Gillian Upton

The winner's article was described by our judges as: ‘An easy read, which was consistently well received among the judges who felt it gave great insight into the sector.’

Design Team of the Year for Business Travel or Meetings and Events

The Business Travel Magazine

The winning team's work was described as: ‘Fantastic - this is a great looking magazine: every page has impact, it's creative and, without fail, each image fortified the editorial copy. It keeps you turning the pages and wanting to read more.’

Business Travel Editor of the Year

Matt Parsons

Of the winner, the judges said: ‘He had the edge because, even though he's only been in the job for a few months, he has already introduced new ideas, made waves and recently impressive changes.’

News Journalist of the Year - Trade Media

Malcolm Ginsberg

The judges praised the winner for writing an article that was: ‘A very different kind of story, one that was packed with research, history and background.’

News Journalist of the Year - National

Greg Dickinson

The winning entry was praised for being: ‘Thought provoking, well researched, interesting and enjoyable to read and with content that was very relevant to the job of the travel manager.’

Meetings and Events Editor of the Year

Calum Di Lieto

Of the winner one of the judges commented on how the past year the editor of this magazine has stood head and shoulders above their competitors praising the exciting content and developing the publication into a champion for the industry.

Meetings and Events Editorial Team of the Year


The winner was praised for its: ‘great layout, both print and digital, good content and strong statistics that support the state of the M&E industry.’

Business Travel Editorial Team of the Year

easyJet Traveller

But this year's winner was praised for being: ‘Fresh and tactile, with content that brings new ideas with a different view. This team puts a lot of thought into their magazine and, as a business traveller, this is exactly the sort of content you want to read.’

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